Woodworking Events

Woodworking Events - Yann Demonstrating to Class

Mokuchi offers woodworking events – including demonstrations and classes. These can be in educational institutions or as private sessions. Demonstrations and classes are customized to include in-depth or high level instruction on a range of topics such as:

  • Overview of Japanese Woodworking – Hand tools, layout,¬†joinery and finish planning
  • Sharpening with man made and natural Japanese water stones
  • Set up and use of the Japanese block plane (ko-ganna)
  • Set up and use of the Japanese finishing plane (hira-ganna)
  • Japanese joinery
  • Basic shoji (paper backed screen) building
  • Japanese door making
  • Japanese woodworking as it applies to furniture making
  • Japanese timber framing
  • Sumitsubo and Sumi layout
  • Plane making