Walrus Bench


Wildly Elegant

One end of the bench shows the stylized face of a walrus bull. Tenons as the eyes, select edge saw marks as whiskers and tapered, curved legs as regal tusks. With a natural hewn live edge surface reminiscent of the battle scared skin on male walruses.


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Width 37 5/8 inches  / 95.57 cm
Depth 16 ¼ inches / 41.28 cm
Height 17 5/8 inches / 44.77 cm

Wood Species & Provenance

Madrone from the Pacific Northwest just outside Seattle.  Salvaged “backyard exotic” tree due to urban development.


  • Entirely made from the wood of a single tree
  • Hand cut compound joinery
  • Hand planed finish – glass smooth, no sand paper & no oils or varnishes
  • Precisely handcut joinery to scribe curved and tapered legs in to bench top


Crating & shipping will be charged separately.  Studio pick up is available.


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