Japanese Joinery – Shachi Joint

When one thinks of the intricacy of Japanese joinery the Shachi tsugi, partially housed long keyed tenon or spline joint, comes to mind. The English translation even sounds complicated.

The goal of this class is to make this commonly used joint (in Japan), accessible to woodworkers here.

Class we will cover: sizing, proportioning, layout and cutting as well as applications where this joint is useful.

Following demonstrations there will be time for you to have a go at cutting your first one!

A $20 materials fee will be required for each student at time of class.

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Recommended: Japanese Block Plane and Chisel



  • 9mm(3/8″) dovetail or bench chisel
  • 12mm (1/2”) paring chisel. (Bench or dovetail chisel also acceptable.)
  • 24mm(1”) paring chisel. (Bench or dovetail chisel also acceptable.)
  • 210mm Ryoba saw (japanese two sided pull saw)
  • block plane
  • Square, hammer, pencil and eraser


  • Dozuki saw (Japanese backsaw)
  • Marking gauge
  • Sashigane (Japanese square)

Contact Mokuchi to purchase tools. As a Japanese tool retailer Mokuchi provides guidance on selecting tools and a student discount.

# of Students

4-6 maximum

Time & Location

Mokuchi Studio – Port Jervis
9am – 6pm