Kumiko (Lattice) Work

Kumiko patterns are the decorative geometric forms that traditionally accent Japanese shoji screens. More recently the patterns are used in furniture and lighting.

In class, you will learn the basics of making kumiko patterns. Including how to prepare material, make the jigumi grid that houses the pattern, and cut the many pieces that make up a pattern. We will also look at a variety of jigs used in the preparation of kumiko stock and cutting pattern pieces. Everyone will make a trivet based on the popular asa-no-ha pattern. A variety of other patterns will also be discussed.


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Sharpening with Japanese Waterstone

Shoji Making and Japanese Block Plane and Chisel Set-Up & Use



  • Dozuki Saw
  • At least one chisel – 12mm(1/2′′) to 24mm(1′′)
  • Hammer,
  • Square
  • Pencil & eraser.


  •  Block plane and/or finish plane
  •  1⁄8” chisel
  •  Marking knife

Contact Mokuchi to purchase tools. As a Japanese tool retailer Mokuchi provides guidance on selecting tools and a student discount.



$165 for class. An additional $30 materials fee will be required for each student at time of class.

# of Students

4-6 maximum


Jon Billing

Time & Location

9am – 6pm