Kitchen Knife Sharpening with Japanese Waterstone

Whether you are a chef, a foodie or enjoy cooking, a sharp knife is a thing of beauty and turns chopping into a joyous activity!

In this class you will learn how to redress an abused cutting edge as well as how to routinely maintain a good edge on your knifes using user friendly Japanese water stones.

A sharp knife is a safe knife!

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No previous sharpening or woodworking experience necessary.


Students should also bring one or more dull blades.  Mokuchi also provides purchasing options for edge tool or knives from Japanese suppliers. Students should also bring one or more dull blades.

Each student is required to have a Japanese waterstone for class. The recommended basic stone is a combination 1000/6000 grit Japanese waterstone (priced at $40). Mokuchi has these and other options for sale depending on student experience and intended use (three separate, specific grit stones is priced at ~$180).

Please contact Mokuchi to assist making your selection. As a Japanese tool retailer Mokuchi provides guidance on selecting tools and a student discount.

# of Students

4-6 maximum

Time & Location

Mokuchi Studio – Port Jervis, NY
6:30 – 9:30pm