Japanese Block Plane and Chisel Set-Up & Use


This class is an introduction to Japanese woodworking tools. A high quality block plane with a laminated blade and a chisel with a laminated blade are great additions to any woodworkers set of tools.  While many “convert” to Japanese tools after using them,  this class will provide experience with great tools and new skills regardless how much a student chooses to adopt the Japanese tools. This two day intensive will focus on sharpening and setting up a new Japanese chisel and block plane.  It will include:

  • Making the subtle adjustments required to fit the plane blade to its wooden dai (block)
  • Conditioning the sole of the dai
  • Practice using Japanese waterstones specifically with the blades for these tools
  • Techniques to flatten the backs of chisel and plane blade
  • Preparing and “mushrooming” chisel handles

Students will also receive instruction and have opportunity to practice proper planing technique.

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  • Japanese 48mm block plane. The recommended options for students sell for $125-195.
  • Japanese chisel, 12mm/1/2″ is recommended and options sell for $43-144.
  • Sharpening water stone 1000 grit and 6000-8000 grit

Additional/Optional, useful tools:

  • Plane adjusting hammer, around 225gr/8oz
  • Medium or large hammer, 350gr/12oz to 570gr/20oz
  • Tachiganna/scraper plane, to condition the plane’s sole. 36mm-48mm
  • 3mm/1/8″ chisel
  • Round file 6mm-10mm/ 1/4″-3/8″ Dia
  • Beveled straight edge, 12″-16″

Contact Mokuchi to purchase tools. Mokuchi is a Japanese tool retailer and can provide guidance on obtaining tools and a student discount.


$330 for instruction

# of Students

5 maximum

Time & Location

Mokuchi Studio – Port Jervis NY
9am – 5:30pm (both days)