Japanese Joinery – Advanced Mortise & Tenon

In this one day class builds on the foundation of the mortise and tenon class. We will dive into more involved variations. Namely wedged, tusked, fox with focus on the square pegged. The day will be filled with demonstrations, discussion of proportions, subtleties and applications while leaving ample time for hands-on practice!

You will gain an understanding of various more complex mortise and tenon joints.

An additional $20 materials fee will be required for each student at time of class.

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Sharpening with Japanese Waterstone
Japanese Joinery – Mortises & Tenons
Or, contact Mokuchi to confirm if your mortise and tenon experience is suitable to participate.

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  • 210mm ryoba saw or 240mm fine ryoba saw
  • 6mm(1/4”) chisel
  • 12mm(1/2″) chisel
  • hammer, square, pencil, eraser.


  • Dozuki saw
  • 12mm paring chisel
  • Marking gauge
  • A slightly wider chisel is also handy say 18, 21 or 24mm
  • Sashigane (Japanese square)

Contact Mokuchi to purchase tools. As a Japanese tool retailer Mokuchi provides guidance on selecting tools and a student discount.

# of Students

4 Maximum

Time & Location

9am – 6pm – Mokuchi Studio – Port Jervis