Mokuchi Prasad

Too beautiful to burn, too valuable to discard​

Mokuchi - Prasad Sale

Wood Sale & Brooklyn Farewell​

Saturday, September 22nd - 2-7pm

After each project Yann holds on to cutoffs and remainders of carefully selected wood. We’ve had bonfires where each piece has a story. As we prepare to leave Brooklyn for the new studio in Port Jervis… there’s a lot of 1-4′ long gems looking for a home. 

Prasad means gracious gift. It describes offerings to a deity, saint, or guru. It’s usually food or flowers. After ceremonies it is shared to offer good fortune and celebrate the spirit of its initial offering.

In this spirit Mokuchi invites you to come by on Saturday, September 22nd. Larger pieces will be sold at modest prices and others happily shared with woodworking enthusiasts so it may be used to create lovely things.