NY KEZ 2020

MOKUCHI is proud to present the 7th annual NY KEZ with the support of Dain’s Lumber

Group Photo - NY KEZ 2019
Saturday’s Woodworker Clinics and Sunday’s main Kezurou Kai event will be hosted at Dain’s Lumber in Peekskill, NY. We’re thrilled to be working with a Hudson River institution – family run since 1848. And, just a 3 minute walk from the Peekskill MetroNorth station.

Event Information

Event Information

Kezurou Kai are gatherings for Japanese woodworking enthusiasts to share their knowledge & excitement for the tools & techniques. Mokuchi is thrilled to bring together the community for the 7th annual NY KEZ. 

Participants come from across the country and internationally.  The event includes specialized workshops, expert talks, demonstrations, hands-on opportunities to try the tools and wraps up with a competition to pull the thinnest plane shaving.

More than a week of Japanese woodworking – NY KEZ 2020

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Timberframe Workshop

September 11th – 16th
Fri – Wed, 9am – 5pm
Mokuchi Studio – Port Jervis

Multi-day workshop to build and assemble a Japanese timber frame structure.

Structure will be raised at both the workshop and on-site at NY KEZ 2020.

More details/registration

Woodworker Clinics

September 19th
Saturday, 1pm- 6pm
Dain’s Lumber, Peekskill

Smaller workshops & discussions for woodworkers to fine tune their skills with topic experts.

More details


NY KEZ Showcase 2020

September 20th
Sunday, 10am – 5pm
Dain’s Lumber, Peekskill

A fun day filled with demonstrations, knowledge sharing, and excitement about working with the Japanese tools. No experience required, just curiosity! 

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Woodworker Clinics - September 19th

Saturday’s Woodworker Clinics are an opportunity for woodworkers to fine tune their skills with topic experts through smaller workshops, presentations specific to woodworking, and demonstrations of specialized techniques. 

$75/person – REGISTER HERE

September 19th
Saturday 1-6pm
Dain’s Lumber in Peekskill, NY

Bring your tools!
Pizza & Beer (& Soda) Social to follow. Not included w/ ticket.

Saturday, September 19th - Schedule of Events 


In the works! Updates coming soon.


NY KEZ 2020 - Sunday, September 20th


  • Spectator ($20) – REGISTER HERE
  • Competitor ($65) – REGISTER HERE

September 20th
Sunday, 10am – 5pm
Dain’s Lumber – Peekskill

Bring your tools!

Food Truck will be on site & other food options nearby.

Sunday, September – 20th Schedule of Events 


  • Log splitting with wood wedges – Group effort! Get involved!
  • Axe (Masakari) Hewing
  • Adze (Chona) Hewing
  • Large Ripping Saw (Maebiki)
  • Wide Plane (Oganna)
  • Blacksmithing

Tool Stations

  • Saws (Nokogiri)
  • Spear Plane (Yariganna)
  • Plane (Kanna)
  • Chisel (Nomi)

Expert Talks

  •  In the works… updates coming soon!

Planing Competition!  Compete to create the thinnest, full width and length shaving—and win a prize. Prep all day with competition at 3:30-4:30

Vendors & NY KEZ Tool Swap will be ongoing throughout the day 

Planing Competition

Winning plane shaving is the best combination of thinnest, full width and full length (no tears/least holes!)

Each competitor will be provided:

  • Premium Alaskan Yellow Cedar (clear and tight grain) for warm up & the final competition shaving
  • Use of a traditional planing bench for a minimum of two hours to warm up & access to a sharpening station with water and tubs (10am-3:45pm)

Prizes - To Be Announced

NY KEZ Tool Swap

Selection of sharpening stones available at NY KEZ Tool Swap 2019

Share Knowledge – Swap Tools

The Tool Swap is an opportunity for community members to swap/sell tools they’re ready to part with to other Japanese woodworking enthusiasts. And, enthusiasts can pick up some specialty items that aren’t always easy to find. Plus you can get the scoop on it from someone in the know.  

Mokuchi provides tables with slips for you describe your tool, name a price/something you’d like to swap & identify yourself as the seller. If you have something too large to bring (like machines), a photo. 

The registration folks will watch the table so you can enjoy the day. Anyone interested can find you by your name tag. All transactions & negotiation are between the buyer & the seller. 

Let us know ahead of time if you plan to bring a lot of tools. Current plan is for ~3 tables. 


Yann Giguere
Port Jervis, NY


In addition to custom woodwork in the Japanese tradition and teaching Japanese woodworking, Mokuchi is a retailer of Japanese woodworking tools.  Recently acquired – Mokuchi has a selection of Japanese natural finishing stone available for trial and purchase.  During the KEZ, competition grade Alaskan Yellow Cedar will be available to purchase.

The Mill at Dain’s Lumber
Peekskill, NY


The Mill at Dain’s Lumber is a new custom mill work division of Dain’s Lumber that specializes in locally sourced live edge slabs, handcrafted wood furniture and saw milling services.

… more coming soon  


Kezurou Kai is a social gathering and friendly competition showcasing the skill of woodworkers that use the Japanese tools. The craftspeople in an area get together and learn from one another. The competition focuses on using the Japanese hand plane in an attempt to make the thinnest wood shaving. This shaving must be the full width and full length of the competition piece of wood – so skill and grace is required to pull the most exquisitely thin and perfect shaving.

It is a tradition in Japan and, as Japanese woodworking tools have become more known in the US, we’re thrilled to be hosting the SIXTH annual mini Kez in NY! It is a privilege to get Japanese woodworking and tool enthusiasts together for fun and an opportunity to challenge their skills. Plus, it is a fantastic opportunity to introduce curious newcomers to this very special type of woodworking.

In traditional Japanese woodwork wood surfaces are shaved very cleanly and left “natural” instead of sanded and oiled or varnished. To achieve a silky smooth surface much skill is required in sharpening and tuning the Japanese plane.

A Japanese plane is pulled rather than pushed as is a western plane, this allows much control. Very importantly the blade of a Japanese plane is made of two types of steel laminated to create an amazing combination of potential sharpness and workability much like the samurai sword!

There are a several hotels near the NY KEZ location. Including:

Nearby camping options are:

Homes are also available for rent through VRBO or AirBnB.

Fall is a VERY popular time for visiting the Hudson Valley, so make your reservations EARLY!