Mokuchi Studio

Mokuchi is a design and build studio with 20 years of experience. It specializes in Japanese woodworking traditions of fine handwork and honoring the wood’s essence to create one-of-a-kind pieces tailored to the client’s vision. Detailed hand joinery and the glass-like smoothness of hand planing create a unique elegance.

Our portfolio includes entire timber frame homes, interior features such a stairs and cabinetry, garden structures, gates, and furniture.  Pieces can be classically designed or modern interpretations with the Japanese aesthetic. The studio is experienced with locally harvested woods, reclaimed materials, exotic and non-commercial (backyard exotic) woods. Close attention is paid to the wood’s grain orientation for overall strength, durability, and beauty.

Mokuchi provides design services or can work in collaboration with architects and designers.  We also have established relationships with artisans of other materials to include on projects.


A composite of the Japanese word for wood, MOKU, and the Chinese word, CHI, for the ancient Chinese concept of vital energy.                          

Yann Giguère

Giguère has been a professional woodworker since 1991 and founded Mokuchi Studio in 2008. Originally from the province of Quebec, he came to the US and began his training in Western woodworking at the Maharishi University program for Cabinet and Furniture Making in Fairfield, Iowa. He quickly found inspiration in the Japanese woodworking traditions and hand tools. In 1999, he focused on Japanese techniques by entering a 9-year apprenticeship at the Takumi Company in Seattle with acclaimed woodworker Dale Brotherton. Giguère’s work is unique in the Japanese techniques used for complex joinery and elegant hand-finishing.  His design and build experience includes entire timber frame homes, interior features ranging from stairs and shojis to cabinetry, garden structures, and furniture. He is a passionate educator on Japanese tools and techniques that can be incorporated into existing woodworking practices.


I draw inspiration from nature.  Observing the harmonious order within the outward chaos.  Paying attention to see balance.  Noticing fluidity.

– Yann Giguère



Doug Adams
Duncan MacMaster
Robert Laporte
Dale Brotherton


Toshio Odate
George Nakashima
James Krenov
The Unknown Craftsmen (a book on Mingei movement)

Mokuchi - Natural Inspiration