NYC | KEZ  | 2017

Mokuchi is proud to host the 4th NYC KEZ - An annual gathering for Japanese woodworking enthusiasts to share their knowledge & excitement for the tools & techniques.

Saturday, August 5th 

With Japanese woodworking clinics  
Friday, August 4th 

More details and registration coming soon!

Site under construction & updates will be announced.

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What's a Kezurou Kai?

Kezurou Kai is a social gathering and friendly competition showcasing the skill of woodworkers that use the Japanese tools. The craftspeople in an area get together and learn from one another. The competition focuses on using the Japanese hand plane in an attempt to make the thinnest wood shaving. This shaving must be the full width and full length of the competition piece of wood - so skill and grace is required to pull the most exquisitely thin and perfect shaving.

It is a tradition in Japan and, as Japanese woodworking tools have become more known in the US, we're thrilled to be hosting the fourth annual mini Kez in NYC! It is a privilege to get Japanese woodworking and tool enthusiasts together for fun and an opportunity to challenge their skills.  Plus, it is a fantastic opportunity to introduce curious newcomers to this very special type of woodworking.

What is hand planing?

In traditional Japanese woodwork wood surfaces are shaved very cleanly and left "natural" instead of sanded and oiled or varnished. To achieve a silky smooth surface much skill is required in sharpening and tuning the Japanese plane.

How is Japanese planing different from Western planing?

A Japanese plane is pulled rather than pushed as is a western plane, this allows much control. Very importantly the blade of a Japanese plane is made of two types of steel laminated to create an amazing combination of potential sharpness and workability much like the samurai sword!

Is there somewhere nearby to stay?

There are two hostels quite close to Mokuchi Studio. New York Loft Hostel is closer, but New York Moore Hostel is only a bit further. There are also quite a few AirBnB options nearby. Please check out them out for reviews and details on amenities. Make arrangements soon - places book up early in our neighborhood!
Adzing Yari - Spear Plane